Lupa Help and Tutorial web site

This site is considered to be a development version. Primary purpose of this site is to host content in establishing (help and tutorials), which when finished shall be deployed on a production server (to be established later with possible address to be ). In other words currated content from this site will be moved to production (i.e. general customer use)

Another major purpose of this site is to develop look and feel (graphic design) of the help site. Kindly leave comments to this post if you have noticed something that you would like to see.

Also, this site can be and possibly shall be used for experimentation – trying out components or internal training on how to manage articles and other entities and for other purposes we deem important to know before content goes public.

Very important consideration: Content on a help site is envisioned to be public at the first instance, however we can decide to limit access to help site using some policy. This would incur making login user name for paying customers so that they can login into the help eventually making comments and asking questions. We may have premium help. Or other ideas for support. In some way we shall possibly not keep everything open publicly.

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